Bike lanes in Port Angeles, WA, where bicycling is mainstream

On my way to Victoria BC this past holiday week-end, we passed through Port Angeles, Washington to catch the ferry across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria. Proof that riding a bicycle is becoming mainstream can be seen in the awesome new bike paths Port Angeles has installed through town. Port Angeles is not a super cosmopolitan, liberal seeming town. It is home to a small Coast Guard station, and a few functioning lumber mills. A pretty blue collar place from the looks of it.

But unlike in places like Seattle where bike lanes often seem to be an afterthought even with our awesome Bike Master Plan, in Port Angeles they took what was a three lane main street and installed bike lanes on both sides of the street. I’ve not seen this implemented before. It’s pretty cool and a good indication that riding a bike is beginning to be seen as a normal way to get around town, even in smaller cities like Port Angeles.

bike lanes

bike lanes


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