Partners on the Road

On my way home in the dark the other night I witnessed an altercation between a cyclist and a car that would have been so easily avoided had the cyclist just heeded some of the advice in this article. You don’t need to roll ahead of cars at a light and then get squeezed when they try to pass you right after the intersection. Regardless of who is “right”, as a cyclist you aren’t going to win the fight in a crash with a car. Be careful out there folks.

Off The Beaten Path


I am always surprised how many cyclists are afraid of cars and their drivers, or have downright animosity to them. I prefer to see drivers as partners in a big game called Traffic.

It starts with the wording: “Share the Road” implies sacrifice. I prefer to think of other road users as “partners” on a team, not competitors fighting for our “share” of a finite amount of road space. After all, we all have a common goal: Keeping traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

Partnership means being aware of each other and communicating clearly. Turn signals indicate our intentions to other traffic. When we approach a “four-way” stop, we can wave a waiting car to proceed before we come to a complete stop. Not only do they get to go earlier, but our wait will be shorter, too.

When a car approaches from behind on a winding country road, we can…

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