Bicyclist s, please

Bicyclist s, pleaseI love the things I see on a bicycle. This is at the ferry dock on Lopez Island. Anyone know the story of this great sign?


Thinking about mudflaps

It’s been raining in Seattle lately. A lot. And I have been riding a bike this fall with a new mudflap on my front fender. 

After a week of wet riding, I was really quite surprised how well it works. 


While my bottom bracket is slightly dirty, it is nothing compared to what is inside the fender. And my chain seems to be pretty fine. It isn’t rusty. It didn’t become dried out. This morning I realized I hadn’t even wiped the chain down and re-lubed it yet. 

I followed Jan Heine’s excellent instructions for creating a simple, inexpensive mudflap. It really works. Your feet will be drier, and your bike and drive train will be cleaner. As we head into the wet riding season here in the Pacific Northwest, this is something to give a try if you haven’t yet. 

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